Wildweed Farm

What It's All About

“ … it’s not a job, it’s a way of life.”

Wildweed Farm is our home and the home of Village Blacksmith. The 1850’s post and beam farmhouse was apparently built by a local millwright whose Civil War era grave lies not too far away. Over the years bits and pieces of the farm were sold off and when I acquired the property in 1994, bulldozing the dilapidated house was a reasonable option. But its post and beam construction and local history led me to begin restoring it piece by piece. A never-ending labor, the little old farm is an idyllic location with beautiful grounds, ancient pine trees, gardens, wisteria, frog pond and wildflower field.

At Wildweed Farm and Village Blacksmith, work revolves around our lives – not the other way around.

We hope you will enjoy this brief slide presentation of Wildweed Farm.

Many thanks to our good friends Tina Bergmann, Bryan Thomas, and HU$HMONEY for their music. This video features “appleknocker,” the first track from HU$HMONEY’s self-titled CD. Please visit their website at www.allroadsleadhome.com.

Ken and Nancy